Fox (3/28/14)

Fox (3/28/14)

On Saturday, it was starting to snow and I happened to look out the window to see our Fox friend running across the pasture.  I was reminded we need a barn cat.  This guy caught four mice in about seven minutes of watching.  I choose to believe the mice only come out when I’m not walking through the pasture.  In reality, I guess little Miss Bull-in-a-China-Shop scares them away for us.

The pictures look “grainy,” but the grains are actually snow.  And, at full zoom, I’m sure my focus wasn’t dead on either.  Still, I hope you enjoy!


Fox leap1

Fox leap1a

Fox leap1b who me


Fox2 spy meal

Fox leap2

Fox leap2ameal


Fox3 ladeedah

fox leap3

fox3 meal



Fox leap4

fox leap4a yum

Fox off he went


And off he went!


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  1. Who needs a cat with a fox in the neighborhood. Love these pictures! Maybe you could sell them?! You could have a studio!! I know….in your spare time, right?

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