She’s a Gamer (Feb 2014)

She’s a Gamer (Feb 2014)

My Mom paid us a visit in February.  We struggled a bit with the weather as the wind paid us a visit also.  The wind stymied outdoor activities, but I have to give it to my Mom.  She has never been on skis in her life, but she said she was game to give cross country skiing a try, so we did.  She did awesome!

xc Mom & Jen

We skied three days and would have gone more, but there was too much snow!  We hardly got any snow at our place (for once), but the Nordic Center got 10 inches in one day and they didn’t roll or groom, let alone set track.  If you ask me, the volunteer groomers must have been at the mountain downhill skiing!  I guess I can’t blame them, but still!  We went out and had to follow in someone else’s tracks in uneven ankle to mid-calf deep snow.  And, we attempted to make our own tracks, but gave up on that pretty quickly.  I think it’s good to know one’s limits.  It was a different xc experience, that’s for sure!

xc wheres the trail

Where is the trail?!

Extra kudos to Mom because she never got to ski in set tracks.  My lesson was in the tracks.  When I was forced to ski out of the tracks, it was another game completely.  Mom did it from the outset.  Way to go!!  I always knew she was tougher than me!

xc 3 of us

JR joined us for his first cross country ski event, too!

Another day, Mom and I dropped JR off at Red Lodge Mountain and then walked with Scarlett around the 2.5 mile loop at Silver Run, in a good bit of snow.  It was one of the few nice, sunny days we saw.  Even on the coldest, windiest days, we still got out and did a “road walk” with Scarlett.  But, we did a good bit of relaxing, chatting, and catching up, too.

xc Mom & Bunny at Silver Run

Mom & Scarlett at Silver Run


xc Upper Luther

A drive on Upper Luther Road

xc Red Lodge Creek

Beautiful horses with furry winter coats on Red Lodge Creek Road

xc Airport Road snow

Airport Road – the dump area for snow being trucked out of town – and Scarlett’s post-cross country ski walk area

xc Scarlett wind

The wind lifting Scarlett’s ears

It does make me curious.  If Mom came out in the dead of winter and skied, what about the rest of y’all?  Are you guys as tough as Mom/Gram?  I don’t know….you’ll have to prove it someday!

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  1. Looks like a great time. But I’m definitely a wuss. If I ever do get out there, it will be in the summer! Y’all can keep the snow. I would love to see the wildlife though!

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