Feeding Part Three (Feb 2014)

Feeding Part Three (Feb 2014)

Thursday evening’s feeding was downright pleasant.  It was about 5 degrees and sunny.  I didn’t have to wear the ski mask and lost one pair of long johns.




Piper and her baby, Boomer

Saturday morning, however, it was snowing.  That weird light at 7am makes it really hard to see our road, especially when everything has a fresh coat of solid white on it.  Our previous tire tracks were covered by snow and I was a bit worried.  But, I had my trusty sidekick Scarlett with me, and she reminded me what JR says, “Stay close to the weeds, stay close to the weeds.”  Why does he say that you ask?  Because opposite the weeds is my nemesis, The Ditch.  But, luckily for me, not today, Ditch, not today.  Jenny 3, Ditch 2.  Ha!

Once again, I feel terrible for those horsies.  I still can’t believe they can stay outside in this weather.  Every horse had a layer of snow on their back.  I was trying to get a picture of it, but Piper thought I was pulling out a treat and tried to come get it!  Made for a cute picture though.


Piper and Misty

Walker and Misty

Walker and Misty

Well, JR is back home and will be plowing later.  The weather isn’t really supposed to be too bad for the rest of my feeding time.  Unless something funny happens or there’s a beautiful sunset to show, I won’t bore you with any more feeding tales!

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  1. You don’t look nearly as cold as before! Growing up in Ohio….we didn’t go far below zero for too long and we NEVER

  2. You don’t look nearly as cold this time! Having grown up in Ohio, we were rarely much below zero and we NEVER had as much snow as you! Keep shoveling!

  3. Feeding day No. 1 picture: Crazy person.
    Feeding day No. 2 picture: Crazy homeless person on crack.
    Feeding day No. 3 picture: My sister.
    You should aim for picture No. 3 whenever possible.

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