Gardiner, MT (Jan 2014)

Gardiner, MT (Jan 2014)

JR has made several trips to Gardiner, Montana for work with an anchor client.

G - Arch

Roosevelt Arch

He signed a nine month contract!  Woo hoo!  Gardiner is just outside Yellowstone National Park, and needless to say JR’s drive to work has been full of wildlife encounters.  Returning home following his prior trip to Gardiner in early January, he ran into a Big Horn delay (and not the Dodge kind).  Real, doggone, bighorn sheep.

G - Sheep 1

G - Sheep road

Last week, after working on servers all night, he came out of his cabin and thought he was seeing something.  He was!  Look at these elk!

G - Elk4

G - Elk1

JR mastered his “elk call.”

JR’s client is nice enough to provide the cabin whenever possible.  I’m hoping Scarlett and I will be welcome for the next trip!

G - Paradise Valley

Paradise Valley



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