Christmas (12/25/13)

Christmas 12/25/13

Our very first Christmas in Montana.  Ahhh….we’ve waited nine years for this!  We slept in, had coffee, opened presents, stuffed ourselves with homemade biscuits and gravy, and JR went skiing.  We had a soak in the hottub, visited with the neighbors, and made dinner together.  Most importantly, I stayed in my jammies for as long as possible!

My favorite gift from JR was a Whip-It.  If you visit Lazy J, you will now have freshly whipped cream whenever your heart desires (waffles, hot chocolate, Irish coffee)!  We saw it at a restaurant in Spokane and my sweet husband remembered I had fancied it!


Don’t think they are spending any budget on packaging updates!

JR got a new pair of ski boots for Christmas (thus the trip to the mountain).  We were both excited for him to try them out.

JR Mtn

JR Ski

JR on lift

I had a good time people-watching.  There were certainly a lot of out-of-control beginners around.  Scary.

Truck - snow

We’ve had just a bit of snow so far.

As for Scarlett, she got a puzzle called the Dog Casino.  She got it a week or so early so I could wear her out without  walking her in minus temps and high winds.  When we get ready to play it with her, JR asks “Scarlett, do you want to go to Vegas?”  One particular evening, she got the harder part figured out and I said, “Good girl Scarlett!  You beat the house!”  Oh, aren’t we just a regular laugh riot out here?

Scarlett also got a stuffed armadillo (really did I have to clarify it was stuffed – probably not).


We call it Ardilla.  The name comes from “President Bush Reacts to Osama Bin Laden’s Death with Will Ferrell.”  For goodness sake, if you have not seen this, please watch it now!