A Cold Stroll (12/6/13)

A Cold Stroll (12/6/13)

It was a cold, cold Christmas Stroll in Red Lodge.  Strolling temp was -18 degrees.  After about -10 degrees, they should just start describing conditions by what being outside will do to your body, as in:

it’s “you’ll really wish you had bought those hand/foot warmers” cold out now, or it’s “lose your fingertips if you don’t wear gloves” cold out right now.  Or, like last night, it’s “feel your nose hairs” cold out right now.  I’m not joking about that either.  I can’t say I’ve ever felt my nose hairs, but I certainly did last night.  And the air is so cold and dry, it makes you cough to breathe in.  Yowza.

Only three vehicles participated in the Blade Parade of snow plows.  Everyone spent the entire week in their plow, so I don’t imagine they wanted to be in them any longer, let alone decorate the things for the parade.

Sights of Stroll (there aren’t many – the camera didn’t like the operating temperature!):

Stroll - blade1

Stroll - Santa