The Bear Bell (12/28/13)

The Bear Bell (12/28/13)

Today we were pretty lazy at the Lazy J.  We took a boatload of boxes to the recycling center – boy howdy I sure do miss curbside recycling pickup!  After that, I made Raspberry Chocolate & Toasted Walnut Rugelach (from “The Smitten Kitchen Cookbook” – thanks Mom!).  That was involved, to say the least.  But, very tasty.


The last few times I’ve used my KitchenAid mixer (including today), I’ve noticed a grease trail from the motor.  Scared of potentially poisoning someone, I asked my dear husband for help.  JR, who is now officially Mr. Fix It, did some research, took the mixer apart, and is in the midst of fixing it.  We are waiting on new grease.  Exciting stuff.  Honestly, though, I do love saving the money.  KitchenAid was going to charge sixty bucks just to ship it to them and get the problem diagnosed.  JR is getting the grease and a few replacement parts for $28.  Gotta love that.


Friday was a little more exciting.  It was fifty degrees and sunny and truly a beautiful day.  I took a vacation day and convinced JR to do the same (for part of the day anyway).  In the morning I dropped him off at the ski mountain and drove back down to Silver Run for a walk with Scarlett.  I made her wear her bear bell for the first time.  I know, I know, supposedly the bears are hibernating now.  And yes, I realize it may have been a better idea to make her wear it this summer.  But still.  We’re getting there.  It’s a miracle if I can remember all her gear and my gear in the same trip.  At this point, the bell is more of a “hey people up ahead – here I come – PET ME!”

Anyway, no bear bell was necessary.  The parking lot was FULL of cross country skiers, snowshoers, dogs, and a few other regular walkers like me.  I had no idea Red Lodge got so busy at Christmas, but it certainly does!  And, back to the bell, it does absolutely no good when your dog goes off trail in chest-deep snow and gets the bell completely packed with snow.  I wondered why she wasn’t jingling anymore.  Oh, Scarlett.

Bunny @ Silver Run1


Bunny & Jenny


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