Deer Hunt (11/25/13)

Deer Hunt (11/25/13)

Guest post by JR

JR & Bo

Preface by Jenny – First of all, let’s just say there’s been some “controversy” over this dearly departed deer.  I’m not against hunting per se, but I had asked that none of “my” deer get murdered.  This guy was on the 20 acres next to us.  Semantics, if you ask me but I guess it’s too late (for the deer anyway) to argue over it now.  Now that I’ve gotten my two cents in…. here’s JR…

At 7am on a morning just before Thanksgiving, I looked out the bedroom window and saw a buck.  I had lots to do that day, including an install for RLT, so I went on about the day.  When I came home for lunch, I looked next door and the buck was still there.  I borrowed the neighbor’s thirty-aught-six rifle and from 300-plus yards, with one shot through the shoulder area, I had a three-two buck.  Our neighbor helped me load the deer onto his four-wheeler and up to my truck.  After that I drove to Belfry to have him processed.  I think he came to over forty pounds of meat for the freezer.

Jenny’s notes:  Because apparently I have to have the first and last word on this…I “cleaned up” the “shot through” description to be much less gory.  Ladies, you are welcome.  Also, “three-two” refers to poor sweet Bo’s antlers – two points on one side, three points on the other side.  Forgive me if everyone already knows this, but I did not.  Also, JR told me “Bo’s” fur was very soft.  That makes me kinda sad.  I’m just glad the processing didn’t include a mounted head.

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