Cows in our pasture (11/6/2013)

Cows in our pasture (11/6/2013)

Here I was, leisurely walking through the living room, when several large black objects entered my peripheral vision.  They were definitely not Timber or Walker (black horse next door), but cattle!  Finally, something is happening at the ‘ole Lazy J!

Cattle - in front

Where, do you ask, were our “guard dogs” while these cattle walked by the house?  Asleep, snoring in fact, in their beds.  Sheesh.

A bull has been on the loose for the past few days, but he’s stayed away from our property.  However, these three cattle managed to take a nice walk our way.  There were about seven or eight more on the neighbor’s property, too.  They are so darn cute.

We called the rancher who came to move them.  However, a few hours later, here they are again!  Well, look who’s awake?!  Who knew labs made decent cattle dogs (video).

Cattle - Scarlett the cattle dog

Scarlett keeping them at bay (ha ha)


Cattle - Scarlett snack

My job here is done – where’s my snack?

Our road is a muddy mess and half the cattle guard is clogged with mud.  So, instead of a deterrent, it has become more like a red carpet!

Cattle - red carpet

Welcome, y’all!


Hmmm…I wonder who gets to shovel out the cattle guard.  Too bad *cough* *cough* I have a *cough* *cough* cold.  Boy, otherwise, I’d be right down there with JR digging away 😉 (I really do have a cold).


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