Success (9/22/2013)

Success (9/22/2013)

I picked up JR from the airport on Sunday after he successfully passed his tests to be certified – MCSA.  Woo hoo!!!  Congrats JR!  I’m really proud of him.  He spent seven days a week in class for two and a half weeks and passed three different tests.  A job well done!  Since JR’s flight arrived around lunchtime, we treated ourselves to lunch at Bernie’s Diner (although we both had breakfast).  Check out the “Vacation Breakfast” on the menu.  Unfortunately, neither of us ordered this.

Vaca Bfast

Yum Yum Yum

Now that’s my kind of vacation!

Since JR got back to Montana, he’s been going with me to feed the horses next door.  We’ve been driving the old Chevy over and letting Scarlett ride in the back.  I think she likes it!

Bunny Chevy

This dog is game for anything!

Speaking of feeding the horses, I took this video a few evenings back.

When they hear the gates open and close, the horses come running in from the pasture.  I just wish the video could convey the sensation of the horses hooves on the ground.  You can feel them coming before you even hear them coming.  It makes my spine tingle.  They are such beautiful creatures.  I feel privileged to have any part in their care.  It is a very serene way to end a day.