Update (August 2013 Wrap Up)

Update Post (Aug 2013)

As of Monday, the Rock Creek fire was 85% contained.  Before then, JR went out to the fire area and took a few pictures:

Update - fire

Update - fire2

The firefighters even saved this structure.  Dedication.

Update - fire save

We also passed by the airport and snapped a few quick (poor) pictures of the helicopters assisting in the fire work (these are for you, Dad!).

Update - copter4

Update - copter3

Update - copter2

Update - copter1

We learned that folks trying to close on a house weren’t able to do so until the fire was at least 50% contained.  No one would write insurance coverage until then.  Wow.

All the businesses in town are sporting “Thank You Firefighters” signs.  I think that is nice.  I wish we could do more.  Hopefully everyone kept the fire department in mind when donating for the Fun Run last weekend.  http://www.rlacf.org/fun-run/details/

A weekend or so ago, a bunch of cyclists were riding through the Greater Yellowstone area.  460 miles.  On bicycles.  More power to them.  I think it would be a great ride, if one was in shape for it.  You can read more about it here.  The logistics of running an activity like this are impressive.  Tents, luggage, bikes, mechanics, water, showers, food, entertainment – they seem to have had it all covered.  The riders had to spend an extra night in Cody due to the Pass being closed because of the fire.  Once the bike group got to town, they have a few concerts and dinner for the riders and volunteers.

Update - tents

Update - meat fork

Dude in the back knows he’s in my shot

Update - meat fork 2

Meat fork

Update - Cold Hard Cash

Cold Hard Cash – Johnny Cash tribute band

We must not have taken a picture the night before.  There was a great band playing in the tent behind Sam’s.  I actually got JR to dance with me to a good cover of a Stevie Ray Vaughn song.  It was so much fun!  We aren’t the best dancers but at least that night, we weren’t the worst.  A couple next to us hit the floor!  Sorry, but better them than us!

A few miscellaneous last items – JR had a few pics on his phone from Yellowstone.  I believe this is what the kids call a “selfie.”

Y - JR & Jen

And, I was driving home one night and the clouds were just beautiful.  It looked as though the clouds were the mountains.  Amazing.

Update - Clouds

Another morning was golden and stunning:

Update - sunrise

Finally, the obligatory sunset (I know, I know, enough already!):

Update - sunset




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