Lake Fork with Bunny (8/25/2013)

Lake Fork with Bunny (8/25/13)

Since arriving in Montana and being “set free,” Scarlett has settled down quite a bit.  On our road walks, she tends to stay within eyesight and has been coming when called quite reliably (unless there’s a really, really good scent to follow).  So, on Sunday, JR and I took Bunny Scarlett to the Lake Fork trail.  She was her usual nut job self for the first 5-10 minutes but after that all was well.  She was definitely the pace-setter though!  We walked a bit faster than usual.

LF - JR and Bunny

Happy Dog, JR unhappy with having another picture taken 🙂

At the Silver Falls point, we let her loose and into the river.  I was a bit nervous as Scarlett has never been swimming in a swiftly moving river.  She did well and played it smart.  She found a few “holes” where she could stand and play and snorkel her head in the water.  I swear, it looked like she was a bear fishing for salmon!  She made a few efforts to get to the center of the river, but decided better of it (thankfully).  JR laughed at me saying an eighty pound dog could hold her own, but she’s my girl and I’d never forgive myself if she got swept away!

LF - Jenny & Bunny

Happy Scarlett & Jenny

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  1. Love all the nature around you guys! And I can’t wait to see pics of the capstones! I bet they turned out great!

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