Capstones (8/20/13)

Capstones (8/20/13)

Many of you are aware we are in the midst of stonework, mainly consisting of wrapping the deck posts in stone.  Brian, our mason, suggested we find our own capstones to seal off the tops.  So, on Tuesday, JR and Brian went to Wyoming to find capstones for the posts.  They did a great job!  Three capstones are in place, with two to go.  Once it’s all done, we’ll post some pictures.  Until then, the search:

Digging up the stones:

Cap - area

Desolate Wyoming

Above is a picture of the types of areas Brian and JR went to dig up capstones.  They stopped in six or seven different areas to find five perfect stones.  They did a great job!  Along the way, Brian and JR found a rather large bull snake (so I’m told) and some sweet corn fresh from the farm.  Since the snake was not poisonous and the corn was wonderfully delicious, it was a good day!

Cap - snake

Bull snake

Wait, is fishing required when capstone searching?  Hmm…

Cap - Brian


Cap - JR


Cap - JR tired

JR – whew! Those are heavy!

The corn was so good, JR went back this weekend to get more.

Update - Corn

Honor system

Cap - corn area 2

As you can see, corn goes as far as the eye can see.  He brought back two and a half dozen!

Cap - corn3

So, we spent a few hours shucking, blanching, and freezing corn.  We look forward to pulling out some fresh frozen summer corn in the dead of winter!