Bobcat (8/2013)

Bobcat (8/2013)

Luckily, we’re talking about a mechanical brand bobcat, not the Lynx Rufus kind of bobcat!

JR rented a Bobcat to move the remaining piles of dirt left over from the excavation of the house and road.  The road also needs some work before we get any snow.  He used some of the dirt to make a berm on the side of the house that takes the brunt of the wind.  Eventually, we will get a few trees planted in the berm as well.  With the road dirt he made a snow fence.   We shouldn’t have any trouble getting in or out this winter.


Bobcat - Before


After day one:

Bobcat - 2

You may be wondering why there are now TWO Bobcats.  Well, at the end of day two, with some daylight left to go, the hydraulics on the stupid thing went out (so I’m told – it’s not like I went out there and diagnosed the problem).  After contacting the Bobcat “people,” we found out the options are 1. Fix it in the field or 2. Drag it back on the trailer and to a repair place.  With the bucket on the Bobcat, dragging it is not an option.  Because the hydraulics weren’t working, you can’t operate the bucket, and so on and so forth.  And again, this is all information told to me.  I don’t know thing one about heavy machinery.  I’m sure this is really surprising to everyone.  Anyway, that’s why we have a second Bobcat (and a free day).

Bobcat - JR

Dirty job

Whew!  As JR said in his dry tone, “after the first three hours, the novelty of driving the bobcat wore off.”  I guess so.  I have to give him kudos though.  He was wheeling that thing around like a pro.  Seriously, look how much stuff is in this bucket:

Bobcat - bucket

After ninety-some hours in the bobcat, the job is done!

Bobcat - After pile

After! No more dirt pile!

Bobcat - berm

Wind-protecting berm


Bobcat - Road After

Road – after

Bobcat - Road Berm

Snow fence

Now “all” that’s left is to put down some grass seed and dig up and transplant some Aspen trees to plant in the berms so they are not gone with the wind.  Oh boy.

Thanks JR for the hard work!