Meeteetse Trail, Festival of Nations 8/3/13

On Saturday (8/3) JR and I went up to the North Fork of Grove Creek from Meeteetse Trail.  I never thought I would be so close to the Palisades.  The trail climbs through an opening in the Meeteetse Spires that rise out of the Palisades.  I will have to work up my nerve to get closer to the actual Spires.  That means I will have to try and calm my fear that a bear is right behind me (or in front of me, or next to me, or, well, you get the picture).  The trail is a steep climb on a very narrow path of mostly loose rock.  It goes through a heavily forested area by a stream.  Gee, this sounds like a perfect area for BEARS.  Oh, look there – a BEAR ATTACK sign by the “parking area” (the side of the dirt road).  Yes, this seems like a good trail to take.  Maybe next time I’ll wear a bell (or bring an airhorn).  That might work a little better than squeaking out, “go away bears, I did NOT eat bacon this morning!”  I promised JR I would work up my nerve to climb higher by the time the Aspen trees change color this fall.  I definitely want to see that and snap a few pictures up close.  In the meantime, the Spires from a somewhat safe distance away…







Meeteetse - JR

JR saying, “C’mon, let’s keep going!”

Jen - Meeteetse

Me saying, “This is as far as I go!”


After that exciting walk, we drove back through town to check out the Festival of Nations.  It seems there is always something happening in Red Lodge.  I promise to start taking pictures of these things.  Here’s one of the bagpiper playing before the auction of the Highland Games participants.


You can check out the Carbon County News for some pictures.  I think next year JR and I need to represent for Ireland.

Last, but not least, the first Mowing of The Lawn on the new John Deere…

John Deere

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